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DQS India Services

DQS India Services

DQS Certification is a premium Consulting and Assessment agency and has experienced professional Consultants for executing Consulting and Assessment services. These services are based on the DQS Service Delivery which is defined based on the On-time Delivery, High Delivery Standards and have full compliance with different Standards, Models and Frameworks.
DQS India provide services for following Standards, Specialized Assessments, Compliance Services:

CMMI Services

DQS India, an SEI Authorized SEI Partner, provides CMMI Services including CMMI Assessment (Appraisal), CMMI Consulting, and CMMI Training.
We are specializing in providing following CMMI Services across the globe:
  • CMMI Consulting: CMMI Consulting or Consultancy services are provided to clients to accelerate the CMMI Implementation Program in their respective organizations so that they meet their strategic objective and business goals. Read more about CMMI Consulting
  • CMMI Assessment (CMMI Appraisal): DQS India has CMMI Lead Appraisers for CMMI High Maturity Assessment (Level 4 and 5) and CMMI Low Maturity (Level 2 and 3) Assessments. Read more about CMMI Assessment
  • CMMI Training: DQS India also has CMMI Trainers and Instructors who are SEI Certified to provide CMMI Trainings and Courses offered through Licensing by SEI like Official Introduction to CMMI Program. Read more about CMMI Training
  • CMMI Toolkit: CMMI Toolkit is a collection of CMMI Processes, Templates, Guidelines and Checklists that are used by Organizations to implement CMMI Best Practices. Read more about CMMI Toolkit

Management System Services

DQS India, an Afaq-Afnor Partner, provides following ISO Standards:

Specialized Assessments

DQS India, offers services for following Specialized Assessments:
For complete information on DQS India Services, please visit DQS India website.

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